Jailbreak your writing...with the other kind of sentence. 

The Sentence Lab is part workbook, part writing coach, and all practice-altering must-be-magic writing mojo. 

With the Lab's 31 madcap, highly experimental writing prompts, get the words out of your head and onto the page. You'll even surprise yourself with what you can cook up from "Write a celebratory sentence about your least favourite type of cheese. Use two types of non-terminal punctuation". 

(Yep, that one's a freebie!)

Pages from The Sentece Lab, arranged in a fan

About ME

In a black and white photo, a full-figured, femme-presenting caucasian person with glasses and short hair stands in front of a birch tree.

Who is Sadie? 

I'm Sadie, a poet and essayist who's been around the block when it comes to writing tools and systems - I've Evernote-d, I've cue card-ed, I've NaNoWriMostOfIt'd. 

But sometimes? 

Sometimes you need to just start with a sentence. 

Hell - everything in your writing life starts with a sentence. 

So here. Have 31. 

Binge-write all 31 prompts, or snack on 'em for a month. You do you.

When you get the fabulously fillable PDF that is The Sentence Lab (fillable because I LOVED the Mad Libs life as a kid), you get 31 sssuuper detailed writing prompts, each designed to be one sentence long. 

You can go all in, or take it a sentence a day - this puppy is flexible. So you can do the important growth work that needs to happen for your writing to flourish.

Why these prompts?

It might sound silly to pay $13 for a collection of writing prompts you could easily glean from Professor Google. Here's why you want 'em anyway:

They're WEIRD

You're not going to find prompts exactly like these ANYWHERE on the web.  They're freshly baked just for you. 

You're WEIRD

I don't care if you ate dry cereal this morning while chuckling wryly at the stocks page of the newspaper - you're a writer, and I'm sorry to have to tell you this: that makes you weird.

 Your brain works just a scooch differently than other people's. Shouldn't your writing tools work the same way?

Magic is REAL

When you get writing - I mean, really writing - you're a conjurer, an evil wizard, Glinda the Good Witch, master of your own universe. 

These prompts are designed to get you 

really writing. 

So why is this cool thing only $13 USD?

Simply put, I love the growth I've seen in my writing practice through using others' prompts - in class, and in "the wild". 

But some of the well-meaning prompts out there are just kind of...meh, you know? The Sentence Lab aims to be agressively non-meh, but at a price that's easier on the checkbook. 

(Does anyone still use paper checkbooks anymore? My Grandma, a veteran CIBC bank teller, used to dutifully scrawl down numbers in hers every Saturday. A true gem.)

Why should you buy The Sentence Lab?
The prompts will make you swoon
You'll grow as a writer
You'll get ideas for new projects, or for your work-in-progress
It's all that and a bag of chips
You will not get chips
But: it's $13 USD!

31 of the juiciest writing prompts, for $13.

It doesn't get any clearer than that. 

Get The Sentence Lab today for a fillable PDF of inspiring goodies. 

It may sound corny, but these weird, goofy little sentences could change everything.

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